From education to enterprise, XR is transforming our world.


XR for Education

XR enhances memory and learning by engaging multiple senses. Students can visualize complex concepts that textbooks simply cannot provide. Schools are also using XR to collect student user data to improve update their curriculum.

XR has practical applications in almost every subject: mechanical engineering, medical simulations, architectural design and more. XR is also being used outside the classroom, for professional training in the workplace.

XR for Real-Estate

Real-estate’s current practice remains remarkably low tech, with sellers promoting properties with glossy brochures and uninspired information. The same is true for architects and interior designers wanting to demonstrate their ideas.

XR enables potential customers to view and virtually tour developments interactively from anywhere in the world. Additionally, real-estate businesses are making more intelligent marketing and design decisions based on the user’s experience data and eye-tracking analytics.


XR for Hospitality

AR and VR solutions allow hotels and other related businesses to enhance the physical environment they are selling, and provide a unique explorational experience for potential customers.

A key explanation behind the rise of XR in the hospitality industry is the amount of information guests tend to ask for, both before they arrive and once they are there. AR solutions can gamify accommodations, directions and provide detailed hotel information improving the guest’s experience.

You’re in good company

The future of XR is just beginning. Stay ahead of the competition.

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